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Welcome to Connect Legal’s Video Library.

Here, you'll discover a collection of videos that encapsulate and resonate with our purpose and passion in defending one’s employment and discrimination workplace rights.

Here, you’ll discover personal stories and meaningful insights into how Connect Legal has utilized energy and teamwork in helping individuals to speak up, who have experienced discrimination such as racism, sexism, sexual harassment, and family / parental and disability discrimination.

Here, you’ll see the human side of Connect Legal and how its Team shares their experience and knowledge and explain their philosophy in going that extra mile.

As they say in a very famous African proverb, “ on your own you can run a fast race, but together we can walk a long way”.

The Connect Legal Team

Disability discrimination within the workplace



The Sex Discrimination Act 1984Cth & Family & Parental Responsibilities



Energy, Teamwork & Defending One's Employment & Discrimination Rights



Sexual Harassment & Speaking Up



Joseph Ferguson's Landmark Racial Discrimination Case


Exercising Workplace Rights & General Protections Claims